Small Rear Tile Hung Dormer

Project Information

Loft conversions & Intergraded interiors for for your loft space, from touch control systems to Intergraded theatre rooms, chilled spaces, games rooms and many more we cater for it all…turn your home into a creative space reality. Your vision is our scope and our design becomes your reality….we create your space with the finest of tradesmen from across the uk.

From vision to design to reality no project is small…..Creative spaces is what we do….so why not give us a call today and you too can have a quality loft conversion like the one is this gallery. The interior design finish lifted the spirits of our clients here as they had previous problems with other builders. So we came along and fixed the problems and had a fantastic turn out to this Rear dormer conversion. 

If you are interested in this design or it matches the house you want to convert then feel free contact us today quoting this as Project #29.

Project Plans

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Project Gallery

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