Rear Dormer Out

Project Information

We used smooth concrete tiles to colour match the existing roof of this conversion instead of natural slate, as the client wanted to save on the job, this is always a priority for us if you wanted to save on things, we can come up with many ideas that can help you save towards your next holiday. The client ended up with a lovely ambient feel to the newly created bedroom and built in wardrobes. We are always open to negotiation and helping you get your moneys worth. Being a family run business we started from the bottom and with over 40 years building experience and 20 years loft conversion experience we know how to save you money. We are offering a 10% discount to help you and to promote Creative Spaces Launch. We have finally decided to branch out and give the south another trust worthy loft conversion company to rely on, not every one is a loft conversion specialist thats why we have gone through the long lengths of constructing this fantastic web site for our potential clients to see what our construction work has to offer. And who you would prefer to build your loft. Get it right the first time with creative spaces.  

If you are interested in this design or it matches the house you want to convert then feel free contact us today quoting this as Project #28.

Project Plans

1 3 2 cover

Project Gallery

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