Gable End Composite Cladded Conversion

Project Information

Again here we have a fantastic looking dormer with composite cladding with the grey effect in the outer Upvc windows, with white in the inside, a lovely option having the grey facias to finish off the colour scheme. Inside we installed veluxes and a lovely new two winder stair case. The gable end we built up from brick work on the outside and breeze blocks on the inside with cavity insulation situated, brick ties were used to tie the inner and outer gable wall. Again a 3 layer felt system kept the roof sealed for a 20-30 year manufactures guaranty. Along with our 10 year guarantee with every loft conversion. A new re roof with new tiles was also apart of this great conversion. The clients were very pleased.  

If you are interested in this design or it matches the house you want to convert then feel free contact us today quoting this as Project #25.

Project Plans

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Project Gallery

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