Standard Gable End Conversion

Project Information

If you looking for quality then creative spaces is the company for you. We have the finest loft conversion specialists from the south. And the finest second fixers/joiners. This job had a lot of internal second fixing done not only in the loft conversion but through out the whole house we updated all of the rooms with the finest soft wood skirtings and architraves to all of the new oak doors. Quality is where it truly matters. This eye catching Gable end dormer out conversion caught the eye of all the neighbours in the street, we had lots of recommendations and pulled in other conversions to do in the area from this job. Thank you to the family for giving us very good recommendations. We installed some free features such as shower niche’s and bespoke shelving to say thank you.

If you are interested in this design or it matches the house you want to convert then feel free contact us today quoting this as Project #24.

Project Plans

2 4 3 cover

Project Gallery

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