Very Large Rear Dormer

Project Information

The truss roof conversions are always how new build houses tend to construct their roofs. If you are not a loft conversion specialist then many problems can occur, so i cant stress enough to use a company like our selves to construct your conversion as so much more time and effort goes into extra supporting these roof space for a safely constructed loft conversion. This huge rear dormer conversion was a delight to build from the outside in. We used lovely grey tiles hung on the exterior of the dormer with classic white windows and facia. On the inside we installed a new boiler into a built in loft cupboard. The rooms catered for a master bedroom, an office suite and a beautiful bathroom. The roof was a 3 layer felt system. For fire regs you can either have new 3d30 fire doors through out the corridors into each habitual room leading from the new loft to the front door, as means for a fire escape. Or you can install hard wired fire alarms into every habitual room in the house. The option is yours. In this case new builds also tend to already have fire doors situated into every habitual room. So the loft conversion was the only place we upgraded the doors to Fd30 fire doors. A hard wired fire Alarm system is required through out the landings leading to the front door though for building control regulations for sign off.

If you are interested in this design or it matches the house you want to convert then feel free contact us today quoting this as Project #16

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